Apogee Duet 3 Dock – The Ultimate Audio Interface

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Apogee Duet 3 Dock – The Ultimate Audio Interface

Apogee Duet 3 Dock – The Ultimate Audio Interface


Welcome to the world of professional audio recording and production with the Apogee Duet 3 Dock. This cutting-edge audio interface is designed to meet the needs of musicians and producers who demand the highest quality sound and performance. With its sleek design and innovative features, the Duet 3 Dock is the perfect companion for your creative journey.

Main Features

Superior Sound Quality

The Apogee Duet 3 Dock delivers pristine sound quality with its state-of-the-art converters and preamps. Whether you’re recording vocals, instruments, or mixing tracks, the Duet 3 Dock ensures that every detail of your audio is captured with exceptional clarity and accuracy.

Flexible Connectivity

With its versatile connectivity options, the Duet 3 Dock allows you to connect all your essential audio gear. It features two XLR-1/4″ combo inputs, four analog outputs, and a headphone output. Additionally, it offers USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 connectivity for seamless integration with your Mac or Windows computer.

Intuitive Control

The Duet 3 Dock comes with a full-color OLED display and a multifunction control knob, providing you with easy access to all essential settings. Adjust input levels, monitor mix, and control headphone volume with precision and ease. The intuitive control interface ensures a seamless workflow, allowing you to focus on your creativity.

Smart Touchpads

Experience the future of audio control with the Duet 3 Dock’s smart touchpads. These touch-sensitive pads allow you to control various functions, such as muting, soloing, and switching between inputs and outputs. The smart touchpads provide a tactile and intuitive way to interact with your audio interface.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Duet 3 Dock compatible with my computer?

The Duet 3 Dock is compatible with both Mac and Windows computers. It supports USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 connectivity, ensuring seamless integration with your system.

2. Can I use the Duet 3 Dock for live performances?

Yes, the Duet 3 Dock is designed to meet the demands of live performances. Its robust construction and reliable performance make it an ideal choice for musicians who need a portable and high-quality audio interface on stage.

3. Does the Duet 3 Dock come with any software?

Yes, the Duet 3 Dock includes Apogee’s Maestro software, which allows you to control and configure your audio interface. It also comes with a suite of professional plugins to enhance your recordings and mixes.

4. Can I connect external MIDI devices to the Duet 3 Dock?

Yes, the Duet 3 Dock features MIDI input and output ports, allowing you to connect and control external MIDI devices such as keyboards, synthesizers, and drum machines.

Experience the power of professional audio recording and production with the Apogee Duet 3 Dock. Elevate your music to new heights with its superior sound quality, flexible connectivity, and intuitive control. Get ready to unleash your creativity like never before.