BEZGAR 17S Toy Grade 1:20 Scale Remote Control Car

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BEZGAR 17S Toy Grade 1:20 Scale Remote Control Car

BEZGAR 17S Toy Grade 1:20 Scale Remote Control Car

Gentle Performance Experience

This is a Toy Grade remote control car. The 1/20 scale makes it easier to control. It can run up to 20Km/h at full speed with a brushed built-in motor. Its powerful performance makes this RC car an ideal toy for boys and girls of 6 years old and above. For sure, adults can also enjoy a relatively intense remote-control experience with this truck.

Perfect Gift for Kids

A cool toy grade RC car gift for boys and girls which serves as an ideal gift for birthdays and many other occasions. If you are looking for an exciting and extra cool present, you will love our radio controlled cars. Racing your family or friends is always exciting and everyone can join in the BEZGAR fun.

ABS Chassis and Reinforced Body Frame

The whole chassis of the remote control car is made of ABS plastic and the main body is made of nylon. With all of these properties, the truck will be more resistant to collisions and therefore extend its lifespan.

Awesome Value for the Price

Please note this is a 1/20 scale RC car. This toy grade RC truck is designed for beginner players and children who want to move towards advanced level Hobby Grade RC trucks. Given that the BEZGAR 17S has outstanding looks, great performance. It is a car worth purchasing without hesitation.

No Delay RTR Remote Controller

Easy-to-use and non-interference remote controller makes this a great remote control car for boys and girls. The 2.4Ghz frequency allows the car to always be ready to run and has a non-jamming function. The radio control distance is about 30 meters. It is a great off-road monster truck for indoor and outdoor use.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the scale of the BEZGAR 17S Toy Grade RC Car?

The BEZGAR 17S Toy Grade RC Car is a 1:20 scale model.

2. What is the maximum speed of the RC car?

The RC car can reach a maximum speed of 20 Km/h.

3. Is the remote controller easy to use?

Yes, the remote controller is designed to be user-friendly and easy to operate.

4. Can adults also enjoy playing with this RC car?

Absolutely! The BEZGAR 17S Toy Grade RC Car is suitable for both kids and adults.

5. What is the range of the remote control?

The remote control has a range of approximately 30 meters.

Experience the thrill of the BEZGAR 17S Toy Grade 1:20 Scale Remote Control Car. With its high speed, all-terrain capabilities, and rechargeable battery, this RC monster truck is perfect for kids and adults alike. Get ready for some off-road fun!