Boveda For Seasoning Two-Way Humidity Control Packs

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Boveda For Seasoning Two-Way Humidity Control Packs

Boveda For Seasoning Two-Way Humidity Control Packs

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Why Choose Boveda For Seasoning?

Don’t battle low RH in a cedar box! Before you fill it, season a new wood humidifier box with Boveda 84% RH. No mess. No water to add. It is effective in completely humidifying the wood’s cellular structure to prevent it from robbing moisture from sticks. It also creates a better seal to keep moisture from escaping. Use one Size 60 for every 25 total items a humidifier box can hold. Boveda uses natural ingredients and guarantees quality. If you’re not 100% satisfied, reach out for a full refund for up to 1 year.

How Boveda For Seasoning Works

When you season a wood humidifier box with Boveda 84 packs, you’re filling the environment inside with water vapor. To fully season a 100-count wood humidifier box, it needs about 100 grams of water. Each Size 60 Boveda 84 releases about 35 grams of moisture. So use one seasoning packet for every 25 total items your box can hold. Over 14 days, Boveda 84% RH will raise the moisture to about 65% RH without disturbing the integrity or the geometry of the wood.

Choose Boveda

Boveda is the only patented 2-way humidity control solution with 25 years of experience. Using saltwater in our humidity packs, we provide the fastest, most precise humidity control in the market. When you invest in premium rolls, season your Spanish cedar box with Boveda. Once you move your sticks back in, use Boveda packs to protect the flavor, aroma, and character of your items, so each one gives you a slow, steady experience.

How to Use Boveda For Seasoning

  1. Remove the clear plastic overwrap before using.
  2. DO NOT cut or open the brown humidity packet.
  3. Place the Boveda 84% packs inside an EMPTY wooden humidifier box.
  4. Close the lid and don’t open the box for 14 days.
  5. After 14 days, open the box, remove the Boveda seasoning packs, and discard them as they aren’t reusable.
  6. Move your items back into your seasoned Spanish cedar humidifier box.
  7. Add new Boveda 72% RH maintenance packs (sold separately).
  8. NEVER MIX the 84% with any other %RH.

Who is Boveda For?

This 12-Pack of Boveda is for seasoning a large humidifier box, up to a 300-count or multiple small- or medium-size boxes. It is suitable for seasoning a new wood humidifier box or a new-to-you Spanish cedar heirloom. Re-season a wooden humidifier box 1 to 2 times a year if you battle low RH and/or live in a dry climate or experience seasonal dryness. Boveda prevents the wood from robbing essential moisture from your hand-rolled premiums.