COVVY Headband Magnifier with 2 LED Light

5 September 2023 Off By

COVVY Headband Magnifier with 2 LED Light

COVVY Headband Magnifier with 2 LED Light

Are you tired of straining your eyes while reading small text or working on intricate tasks? Look no further! Introducing the COVVY Headband Magnifier with 2 LED Light, the perfect solution for all your magnification needs.


Handsfree Headset Loupe

The COVVY Headband Magnifier is designed to be worn on your head, leaving your hands free to work on your tasks. No more holding magnifying glasses or straining your neck to get a closer look.

2 LED Lights

Equipped with two bright LED lights, this magnifier provides ample illumination for enhanced visibility. Whether you’re reading in a dimly lit room or working on intricate crafts, the LED lights ensure that you can see every detail clearly.

4 Detachable Lenses

The COVVY Headband Magnifier comes with four detachable lenses of varying magnification strengths. This allows you to choose the lens that best suits your needs, whether you’re reading fine print, repairing electronics, working on jewelry, sewing, or engaging in crafts or watchmaking.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I adjust the angle of the lenses?

Yes, the lenses can be easily adjusted to achieve the most comfortable viewing angle.

2. Are the LED lights adjustable?

Yes, the LED lights can be tilted up or down to direct the light exactly where you need it.

3. How long do the LED lights last?

The LED lights have a long lifespan and are energy-efficient, providing you with hours of bright illumination.


The COVVY Headband Magnifier with 2 LED Light is a game-changer for anyone who requires magnification in their daily activities. With its handsfree design, bright LED lights, and detachable lenses, this magnifier offers convenience, versatility, and enhanced visibility. Say goodbye to eye strain and hello to a clearer, more enjoyable experience!