Dichondra Repens No Mow Lawn Soft, Intensive Lawn Grass Seed 100g

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Dichondra Repens No Mow Lawn Soft, Intensive Lawn Grass Seed 100g

Are you tired of spending hours mowing and watering your lawn? Look no further than Dichondra Repens, the perfect solution for a low-maintenance and beautiful lawn. This grass seed is widely used in Mediterranean countries like Italy, Spain, and southern France as an alternative to traditional lawns. Its unique characteristics make it an excellent choice for those seeking a hassle-free lawn.

Characteristics of Dichondra Repens

Dichondra Repens, also known as Kidney Weed, is a popular grass seed due to its numerous benefits. Unlike traditional lawns, Dichondra Repens remains short and requires minimal or no cutting. Its coverage is incredibly soft and almost “springy” underfoot, providing a comfortable walking experience. Despite its delicate appearance, Dichondra Repens is surprisingly tough and resistant to normal use.

One of the key advantages of Dichondra Repens is its ability to withstand harsh winter weather. Even in Mediterranean areas with extreme cold, this grass seed remains unharmed. Its creeping roots allow it to spread quickly, making it an excellent choice for quick ground coverage. However, in heavily used areas, the use of stepping stones can help protect the grass.

Planting Instructions

To achieve the best results with Dichondra Repens, it is recommended to sow the grass seed during the spring and summer months. Start by raking the seed into well-prepared soil, ensuring an even distribution of approximately 5-10 grams per square meter. It is crucial to remove any existing weeds in the area to prevent competition for resources.

After sowing the seed, keep the soil damp until germination is complete. Once the grass starts to grow, reduce the watering frequency to twice per week. Dichondra Repens thrives in dry and poor soils, making it an ideal choice for areas with limited water availability.

Maintenance Tips

Maintaining Dichondra Repens is a breeze compared to traditional lawns. Due to its slow growth and low height, mowing is rarely necessary. However, if desired, a gentle trim can be done occasionally to maintain an even appearance.

Regular watering is not required once the grass is established. Dichondra Repens is known for its ability to survive in dry conditions, making it an excellent choice for water-conscious individuals. However, during prolonged dry spells, a light watering once a week can help keep the grass healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Can Dichondra Repens be used in hanging baskets?
  2. Yes, Dichondra Repens can be used as a hanging basket plant. Its trailing nature and soft texture make it an attractive addition to hanging baskets.

  3. How much seed should I use per square meter?
  4. For optimal coverage, it is recommended to use approximately 5-10 grams of Dichondra Repens seed per square meter.

  5. Is Dichondra Repens resistant to winter weather?
  6. Yes, Dichondra Repens is highly resistant to winter weather, even in the harshest conditions. It can withstand extreme cold without being harmed.


Dichondra Repens is a remarkable grass seed that offers a low-maintenance and visually appealing alternative to traditional lawns. Its unique characteristics, such as low height, soft texture, and resistance to winter weather, make it an excellent choice for homeowners seeking a hassle-free lawn. By following the planting instructions and maintenance tips provided, you can enjoy a beautiful Dichondra Repens lawn with minimal effort.