Field Scabious – Knautia arvensis Bees Insects 300 Seeds – British Wild Flower

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Field Scabious – Knautia arvensis Bees Insects 300 Seeds – British Wild Flower

Field Scabious – Knautia arvensis Bees Insects 300 Seeds – British Wild Flower

Field Scabious, scientifically known as Knautia arvensis, is a beautiful wild flower that attracts bees and insects. At Pretty Wild Seeds, we offer a pack of 300 seeds of this British wild flower.

Why Choose Field Scabious?

Field Scabious is not only a visually stunning flower but also a great addition to any garden or natural habitat. Here are some reasons why you should consider planting Field Scabious:

1. Attracts Bees and Insects

Field Scabious is a magnet for bees and insects. Its vibrant purple flowers and sweet nectar make it irresistible to these pollinators. By planting Field Scabious, you can contribute to the conservation of these important species.

2. Adds Beauty to Your Garden

The delicate and elegant flowers of Field Scabious add a touch of beauty to any garden. Whether you have a wildflower meadow or a traditional flower bed, Field Scabious will enhance the overall aesthetic appeal.

3. Low Maintenance

Field Scabious is a hardy plant that requires minimal care. It can thrive in various soil types and is tolerant of both sun and partial shade. Once established, it can self-seed and provide you with beautiful blooms year after year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How should I plant Field Scabious seeds?

A: Field Scabious seeds can be sown directly into the ground in spring or autumn. Prepare the soil by removing any weeds and loosening it with a garden fork. Scatter the seeds evenly and lightly cover them with soil. Water gently and keep the soil moist until germination.

Q: How long does it take for Field Scabious to bloom?

A: Field Scabious typically takes around 12-16 weeks to bloom from the time of sowing. However, this may vary depending on growing conditions and climate.

Q: Can Field Scabious be grown in containers?

A: Yes, Field Scabious can be grown in containers. Choose a deep pot with good drainage and fill it with a well-draining potting mix. Place the pot in a sunny spot and water regularly to keep the soil moist.


Field Scabious is a stunning British wild flower that attracts bees and insects. By planting Field Scabious in your garden, you can create a beautiful habitat for these pollinators while adding a touch of elegance to your outdoor space. Purchase a pack of 300 seeds from Pretty Wild Seeds and start enjoying the beauty of Field Scabious today!