Fringoo – Boys & Girls Umbrellas – Children’s Umbrella – Colour Changing Umbrella – Kids Safe – One Size

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Fringoo – Boys & Girls Umbrellas – Children’s Umbrella – Colour Changing Umbrella – Kids Safe – One Size

Fringoo – Boys & Girls Umbrellas


Welcome to the world of Fringoo Boys & Girls Umbrellas! Our colourful and innovative umbrellas are specially designed for children, providing both protection from the rain and a fun experience. With their unique colour-changing feature, these umbrellas are sure to bring joy to any rainy day.

Main Features

Colour Changing Design

Our Fringoo umbrellas feature a special colour-changing design that adds an element of surprise and excitement. As raindrops fall on the umbrella’s surface, the colours magically transform, creating a mesmerizing visual experience for children.

Kids Safe

Safety is our top priority. Fringoo umbrellas are designed with rounded tips and edges, ensuring that children can use them without any risk of injury. The easy-to-grip handle provides a comfortable hold, allowing kids to navigate through rainy days with ease.

One Size Fits All

Our umbrellas are available in one size, making them suitable for children of all ages. Whether your child is a toddler or a pre-teen, they can enjoy the protection and fun of a Fringoo umbrella.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the umbrellas waterproof?

Yes, Fringoo umbrellas are made with high-quality waterproof materials to keep your child dry during rainy weather.

How does the colour-changing feature work?

The colour-changing feature is activated when raindrops come into contact with the umbrella’s surface. The special fabric reacts to the moisture, creating a beautiful transformation of colors.

Can the umbrellas withstand strong winds?

While our umbrellas are designed to withstand normal wind conditions, we recommend caution during strong winds. It is always best to close the umbrella and seek shelter in such situations.

Can I choose the colour of the umbrella?

Our umbrellas come in a variety of vibrant colours. However, the specific colour you receive may vary depending on availability. Rest assured, each colour is equally delightful!


Experience the magic of Fringoo Boys & Girls Umbrellas. Our colour-changing umbrellas are not only functional but also bring joy and excitement to children. With their safe design and one-size-fits-all feature, these umbrellas are the perfect accessory for any rainy day. Let your child explore the world while staying dry and stylish with Fringoo!