Guitar Wall Clock – Unique Music Vinyl Record Wall Clocks

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Guitar Wall Clock – Unique Music Vinyl Record Wall Clocks

Guitar Wall Clock – Unique Music Vinyl Record Wall Clocks

Are you a music lover looking for a unique and stylish way to decorate your home? Look no further than our Guitar Wall Clock! This 12-inch vinyl record wall clock is not only a functional timepiece but also a piece of art that will add a touch of rock music to any room.


1. Music Vinyl Record Design

The clock is made from a real 12-inch vinyl record, giving it an authentic and vintage look. The record is carefully crafted to resemble a guitar, making it a perfect addition to any music-themed decor.

2. 7-Color LED Night Light

The clock features a built-in LED light that can change between 7 different colors. This creates a mesmerizing and soothing ambiance in the room, perfect for relaxing or setting the mood during a music listening session.

3. Perfect Music Gift

Looking for a gift for a music lover in your life? Our Guitar Wall Clock is the perfect choice! Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, or just to show appreciation, this unique clock will surely impress and delight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the clock silent or does it make ticking sounds?

A: The clock features a silent quartz movement, so it does not make any ticking sounds. You can enjoy the music and the peaceful ambiance without any distractions.

Q: How do I change the LED light color?

A: The clock comes with a remote control that allows you to easily change the LED light color. Simply press the corresponding button on the remote to switch between the 7 available colors.

Q: Can the clock be hung on the wall?

A: Yes, the clock comes with a hook on the back for easy wall mounting. You can also choose to display it on a shelf or table using a stand (not included).


Add a touch of rock music to your home with our Guitar Wall Clock. This unique 12-inch vinyl record wall clock not only tells time but also serves as a piece of art and a conversation starter. With its 7-color LED night light, it creates a mesmerizing ambiance that music lovers will appreciate. Whether it’s for yourself or as a gift, this clock is sure to bring joy and style to any music enthusiast’s home.