HIKVISION 4 Channel H.265 AcuSense DVR [iDS-7104HQHI-M1/S]

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HIKVISION 4 Channel H.265 AcuSense DVR [iDS-7104HQHI-M1/S]

HIKVISION 4 Channel H.265 AcuSense DVR [iDS-7104HQHI-M1/S]

Are you looking for a reliable and advanced DVR for your CCTV cameras? Look no further! The HIKVISION 4 Channel H.265 AcuSense DVR [iDS-7104HQHI-M1/S] is the perfect solution for your surveillance needs. With its cutting-edge features and high-quality performance, this DVR is a must-have for any security system.

Key Features

Human/Vehicle Analysis: Deep learning-based motion detection

The HIKVISION 4 Channel H.265 AcuSense DVR utilizes deep learning technology to accurately detect and analyze human and vehicle movements. This advanced feature ensures that you receive real-time alerts for any suspicious activities, allowing you to take immediate action.

Facial Detection and Capture: Face picture detection

With its facial detection and capture capabilities, this DVR can accurately identify and capture faces in the surveillance footage. This feature is especially useful for identifying potential intruders or suspects, providing valuable evidence for investigations.

Video Compression: H.265 Pro+/H.265 Pro

The H.265 Pro+ and H.265 Pro video compression technologies used in this DVR ensure efficient storage and transmission of video footage. This means that you can store more footage without compromising on the video quality, saving you both time and storage space.


  • Encoding Resolution: 3K lite/5 MP lite/4 MP lite
  • Frame Rate: For 4 MP stream access: 4 MP lite/1080p@15fps
  • IP Video Input: 2-ch (up to 6-ch), each up to 4 Mbps Up to 6 MP resolution
  • Analog Video Input: 4-ch
  • HDMI Output: 1-ch, 1920 x 1080/60Hz, 1280 x 1024/60Hz
  • VGA Output: 1-ch, 1920 x 1080/60Hz, 1280 x 1024/60Hz
  • Audio Input: 4-ch via coaxial cable
  • Audio Output: Two-Way Audio 1-ch, RCA (2.0 Vp-p, 1 KΩ) (using the first audio input)
  • Synchronous Playback: 4-ch
  • Network Interface: 1, RJ45 10/100 Mbps self-adaptive Ethernet interface
  • SATA: 1 SATA interface
  • Power Supply: 12 VDC, 1.5 A
  • Consumption: ≤ 8 W (without HDD)
  • Dimension: (W x D x H) 200 x 200 x 45 mm (7.9 x 7.9 x 1.8 inch)
  • Weight: ≤ 1 kg

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I connect this DVR to my existing CCTV cameras?

Yes, the HIKVISION 4 Channel H.265 AcuSense DVR is compatible with most CCTV cameras. It supports both IP video input and analog video input, allowing you to connect a variety of cameras to the system.

2. How does the deep learning-based motion detection work?

The deep learning-based motion detection technology used in this DVR analyzes the video footage in real-time and identifies human and vehicle movements. It can distinguish between normal activities and suspicious activities, reducing false alarms and ensuring accurate detection.

3. Can I access the surveillance footage remotely?

Yes, you can access the surveillance footage remotely using the HIKVISION mobile app or the web browser interface. This allows you to monitor your property from anywhere, at any time.


The HIKVISION 4 Channel H.265 AcuSense DVR [iDS-7104HQHI-M1/S] is a top-of-the-line DVR that offers advanced features and reliable performance. With its deep learning-based motion detection, facial detection and capture, and H.265 Pro+ video compression, this DVR provides enhanced security and efficient storage of surveillance footage. Upgrade your security system today with the HIKVISION 4 Channel H.265 AcuSense DVR!