Kaytee My First Home 14 X 10 Hamster 2-Story

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Kaytee My First Home 14 X 10 Hamster 2-Story

Kaytee My First Home 14 X 10 Hamster 2-Story

Are you looking for the perfect home for your hamster? Look no further! Introducing the Kaytee My First Home 14 X 10 Hamster 2-Story, a spacious and comfortable habitat designed to meet all your furry friend’s needs.

Features and Benefits

1. Spacious Design

The Kaytee My First Home provides ample space for your hamster to explore and play. With dimensions of 14 X 10 inches, it offers plenty of room for your pet to move around and exercise.

2. Two-Story Layout

This habitat features a unique two-story design, allowing your hamster to climb and explore different levels. The upper level provides a cozy sleeping area, while the lower level offers space for food, water, and toys.

3. Easy Access

The habitat is equipped with multiple doors and a removable roof, making it easy for you to access and clean the cage. The doors also provide convenient access for feeding and interacting with your hamster.

4. Secure and Durable

The Kaytee My First Home is made of high-quality materials that are both secure and durable. The wire mesh construction ensures proper ventilation, while the plastic base provides a sturdy foundation for the habitat.

5. Fun Accessories

This hamster home comes with a variety of accessories to keep your pet entertained. It includes a exercise wheel, a water bottle, and a food dish, ensuring that your hamster has everything it needs for a happy and healthy life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this habitat suitable for dwarf hamsters?

A: Yes, the Kaytee My First Home is suitable for both Syrian and dwarf hamsters. The spacious design and multiple levels provide plenty of room for any hamster breed.

Q: Can I add additional accessories to the habitat?

A: Absolutely! The habitat is designed to be customizable, allowing you to add tunnels, hideouts, and other accessories to create a personalized environment for your hamster.

Q: How often should I clean the habitat?

A: It is recommended to clean the habitat at least once a week. Remove any bedding, wash the cage with mild soap and water, and dry it thoroughly before adding fresh bedding.


The Kaytee My First Home 14 X 10 Hamster 2-Story is the perfect habitat for your furry friend. With its spacious design, two-story layout, and fun accessories, it provides a comfortable and stimulating environment for your hamster. Invest in this high-quality habitat and give your hamster the home it deserves!