Kensington Fingerprint Key -VeriMark Guard USB-C Fingerprint Key

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Kensington Fingerprint Key -VeriMark Guard USB-C Fingerprint Key

Kensington Fingerprint Key -VeriMark Guard USB-C Fingerprint Key

Are you tired of constantly entering passwords to unlock your laptop? Look no further than the Kensington VeriMark Guard USB-C Fingerprint Key. This innovative biometric key provides a secure and convenient way to protect your laptop and other devices.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

The Kensington VeriMark Guard USB-C Fingerprint Key is compatible with a wide range of operating systems, including Windows, Chrome, macOS, and iOS. It also supports popular web browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari. No matter what device or platform you use, this fingerprint key has got you covered.

FIDO2 and FIDO U2F Certified

With FIDO2 and FIDO U2F certification, the VeriMark Guard USB-C offers expanded authentication options. Whether you prefer strong single-factor authentication, dual-factor authentication, multi-factor authentication, or tap-and-go functionality, this fingerprint key can handle it all. It even supports up to 10 fingerprints, allowing multiple users to access the device.

Encrypted End-to-End Security and Match-in-Sensor Fingerprint Technology

Security is a top priority when it comes to biometric authentication. The VeriMark Guard USB-C combines 360-degree readability and anti-spoofing technology to ensure your fingerprint is accurately recognized. With a false rejection rate of only 2% and a false acceptance rate of 0.0001%, you can trust that only authorized users will be granted access.

Supports GDPR Compliance

In today’s digital world, data privacy is of utmost importance. Kensington’s fingerprint keys are designed to support cybersecurity measures consistent with privacy laws and regulations such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), BIPA (Biometric Information Privacy Act), and CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act). By using the VeriMark Guard USB-C, you can enhance your compliance with these regulations and protect sensitive information.

Compact Design with Convenient Tether

The VeriMark Guard USB-C features a compact and sleek design that easily fits in your pocket or bag. It comes with a protective cover and tether, making it easy to transport and helping to prevent loss when not in use. You can attach it to your keys or lanyard for added convenience and peace of mind.

  • Securely protect your laptop and other devices
  • Compatible with Windows, Chrome, macOS, and iOS
  • Supports popular web browsers
  • Offers various authentication options
  • Accurate and secure fingerprint recognition
  • Supports GDPR compliance and other privacy regulations
  • Compact design with a convenient tether

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I use the VeriMark Guard USB-C with my MacBook Pro?
  2. Yes, the VeriMark Guard USB-C is compatible with macOS, including MacBook Pro models.

  3. How many fingerprints can be stored on the fingerprint key?
  4. The VeriMark Guard USB-C supports up to 10 fingerprints, allowing multiple users to access the device.

  5. Is the fingerprint key easy to set up?
  6. Yes, the fingerprint key is easy to set up. Simply connect it to your device’s USB-C port and follow the on-screen instructions to enroll your fingerprint.

  7. Can I use the fingerprint key with multiple devices?
  8. Yes, the fingerprint key can be used with multiple devices as long as they are compatible with the supported operating systems.


The Kensington VeriMark Guard USB-C Fingerprint Key is a must-have accessory for anyone looking to enhance the security of their laptop or other devices. With its cross-platform compatibility, advanced authentication options, and secure fingerprint recognition, you can protect your sensitive information with ease. Don’t compromise on security – choose the VeriMark Guard USB-C and experience the convenience of biometric authentication.