LapGear Elevation Pro Lap Desk – Product Description

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LapGear Elevation Pro Lap Desk – Product Description

LapGear Elevation Pro Lap Desk – The Ultimate Product for Laptop Users

Are you tired of uncomfortable laptop usage? Look no further! Introducing the LapGear Elevation Pro Lap Desk, the perfect solution for all your laptop needs. With its innovative design and multiple features, this lap desk is a game-changer for laptop users.

Key Features

Gel Wrist Rest

Say goodbye to wrist pain with the built-in gel wrist rest. This ergonomic feature provides maximum comfort and support, allowing you to work or play for hours without any discomfort.

Device Ledge

The LapGear Elevation Pro Lap Desk comes with a convenient device ledge that securely holds your laptop in place. No more worrying about your laptop sliding off while you’re working or browsing the internet.

Mouse Pad

With the included mouse pad, you can now use your laptop with ease. The smooth surface ensures precise cursor control, making it perfect for gaming, designing, or simply browsing.

Booster Cushion

Not only does the LapGear Elevation Pro Lap Desk provide comfort for your wrists, but it also offers a booster cushion for added support. This cushion elevates your laptop to the perfect viewing angle, reducing strain on your neck and eyes.

Phone Holder

Keep your phone within reach with the built-in phone holder. Whether you need to make a call, check notifications, or watch videos, your phone will always be easily accessible.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use this lap desk with any laptop size?

Yes, the LapGear Elevation Pro Lap Desk is designed to fit laptops up to 17.3 inches in size.

2. Is the gel wrist rest removable?

No, the gel wrist rest is built-in and cannot be removed. However, it provides excellent comfort and support for long hours of laptop usage.

3. Can I use the lap desk without the booster cushion?

Yes, the booster cushion is optional. You can use the lap desk with or without it, depending on your preference.


The LapGear Elevation Pro Lap Desk is the ultimate accessory for laptop users. Its innovative design, featuring a gel wrist rest, device ledge, mouse pad, booster cushion, and phone holder, provides unmatched comfort and convenience. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to productivity with the LapGear Elevation Pro Lap Desk!