LilyDrip Ceramic Pour Over Coffee Maker Set – Enhance Your Coffee Experience

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LilyDrip Ceramic Pour Over Coffee Maker Set – Enhance Your Coffee Experience

LilyDrip Ceramic Pour Over Coffee Maker Set – Enhance Your Coffee Experience

Kit Story of LilyDrip

When Lily was 3, she loved watching her Daddy brewing coffee every day. One day when her Dad was making coffee, Lily dropped a glass ball into the dripper and said: “It will make a better coffee.”

After her father brewed with the glass ball inside the dripper and tasted its distinctive, rich flavor, he invented this little bullet. It was named: LilyDrip.

LilyDrip works with cone-shaped drippers. It modifies the depth of grounds -50% and the working filter area +100%. As a result, less duplicate extraction and less clogging occurs. It allows you to create more recipes while the result stays extremely consistent.

Since 2017, LilyDrip has provided support to hundreds of competitors all around the world, from national brewing competitions to WBrC.

How to Use LilyDrip

  1. Prepare materials: Pour-over filter, the LilyDrip ceramic piece, and CFS (“Compact Filter Shaper”).
  2. Shape the filter: Fold the filter along the crease and then place it on top of the CFS. Use your finger to gently press the filter into the shaper to form an inverse cone. You can also use the LilyDrip to help shape the filter.
  3. Place the LilyDrip within the brewer: Gently place LilyDrip at the bottom of any cone-shaped brewer. It will help the filter maintain the inverse cone shape during brewing.
  4. Place the filter on top of the LilyDrip: You can also wet the filter at this stage.
  5. Add coffee grinds to the filter: Pour your coffee grounds on top of the LilyDrip and the filter. Pour them easily around the filter and give them a gentle shake to level them out. After the grounds are in place, you are ready to brew your coffee.

Package Includes

  • 1 x LILY Coffee Dripper
  • 1 x COS Coffee Dripper
  • 1 x DONUT Dripper
  • 1 x STARFLOWER Coffee Dripper
  • 1 x Glass RFS (Rapid Filter Shaper)
  • 1 x CFS (Compact Filter Shaper)

4 Piece Set for Multiple Flavors

This pour-over coffee set includes 4 filter supports: LILY, STARFLOWER, DONUT, and COS. Each model produces a different flow rate speed and allows you to experiment and create multiple flavors to suit your different taste buds.

Evens Out Coffee Grounds Depth

Our ceramic coffee dripper evens out the depth of your coffee grounds, making sure the center area isn’t much deeper than the outer ring. This keeps your grounds in the “sweet zone,” which is the depth that leads to the best extraction and flavor.

Consistent Taste with Every Serving

Our LilyDrip pour-over coffee maker set allows you to experiment with brew time and grind setting to create multiple types of flavor using the same bean while keeping the taste consistent with each serving. It’s the perfect add-on for coffee lovers who want to explore different flavors.

Compatible with Most Filters

The pour-over ceramic coffee dripper can be used with different types of filters to add extra flavor to any coffee. It’s compatible with big brands such as Hario V60 and Origami. The LilyDrip is the ideal tool to experiment with your coffee on a daily basis.


1. Can I use LilyDrip with any cone-shaped brewer?

Yes, LilyDrip can be used with any cone-shaped brewer. Simply place it at the bottom of the brewer to help maintain the inverse cone shape of the filter during brewing.

2. How does LilyDrip improve the extraction and flow rate?

LilyDrip modifies the depth of grounds and the working filter area, resulting in less duplicate extraction and clogging. This allows for better flow rate and more consistent results.

3. Can I use LilyDrip with different types of filters?

Yes, LilyDrip is compatible with various filters, including big brands like Hario V60 and Origami. You can experiment with different filters to add extra flavor to your coffee.

4. Is LilyDrip easy to clean?

Yes, LilyDrip is easy to clean. Simply rinse it with water after each use. It is also dishwasher safe.

Discover the LilyDrip Ceramic Pour Over Coffee Maker Set and enhance your coffee experience today!