Mosquito (No-see-um) Netting Fabric By Skeeta 54″ Wide X 5 Yards – Olive

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Mosquito (No-see-um) Netting Fabric By Skeeta 54″ Wide X 5 Yards – Olive

Mosquito (No-see-um) Netting Fabric By Skeeta 54″ Wide X 5 Yards – Olive

Are you tired of being bothered by mosquitoes and other pesky insects while enjoying the outdoors? Look no further! Skeeta offers high-quality mosquito (no-see-um) netting fabric that is perfect for keeping these annoying bugs away. Our netting fabric is 54″ wide and comes in a convenient 5-yard length, making it suitable for various applications.


Our mosquito netting fabric is made from durable materials that are designed to withstand outdoor conditions. The 54″ width provides ample coverage, allowing you to create a protective barrier against mosquitoes and other insects. The olive color adds a touch of style to your outdoor space while effectively blending in with the surroundings.

Easy to Use

Our netting fabric is easy to work with, making it suitable for DIY projects. Whether you want to create a mosquito net for your patio, cover a gazebo, or make a bug-proof tent for camping, our fabric is versatile enough to meet your needs. It can be easily cut and sewn to the desired size and shape.

High-Quality Material

Skeeta’s mosquito netting fabric is made from premium materials that are designed to last. The fabric is lightweight and breathable, allowing for proper air circulation while keeping insects out. It is also resistant to tears and abrasions, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Protection from Mosquitoes and More

Our netting fabric is specifically designed to keep mosquitoes and other small insects, commonly known as no-see-ums, at bay. The fine mesh construction prevents these bugs from entering your space, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about itchy mosquito bites or annoying buzzing sounds.

Common Questions
  1. Is the netting fabric machine washable?
  2. Yes, our netting fabric is machine washable. Simply follow the care instructions provided to ensure its longevity.

  3. Can I use this fabric for window screens?
  4. While our netting fabric is primarily designed for outdoor use, it can also be used for window screens. However, please note that it may not provide the same level of durability as specialized window screen materials.

  5. Does the fabric come in different colors?
  6. Currently, our netting fabric is available in olive color. However, we are constantly expanding our product range, so stay tuned for more color options in the future.


Invest in Skeeta’s mosquito (no-see-um) netting fabric to create a bug-free outdoor space. With its 54″ width and 5-yard length, this fabric is perfect for various applications. Its high-quality material and easy-to-use nature make it a reliable choice for keeping mosquitoes and other insects away. Don’t let bugs ruin your outdoor experience – choose Skeeta’s netting fabric today!