Nintendo Wii Party (Nintendo Wii)

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Nintendo Wii Party (Nintendo Wii)

Nintendo Wii Party (Nintendo Wii)

Product Description

What is Wii Party? Wii Party is a collection of party games that’s perfect for evenings when you have friends and family over or for just dipping into whenever you like. You’ll take control of Mii versions of yourself, and you’ll find loads of other Mii characters popping up in all kinds of situations! There are more than 80 minigames to enjoy in 13 different game modes divided into three main categories, House Party, Party Games & Pair Games, for your Nintendo Wii, or on your Nintendo Wii U in Wii Mode.

Key Features

House Party

Here the Wii Remote becomes the star of the show! Your versatile Wii Remote will really come into its own, making different animal noises for you to recognize, or turning into a time bomb you need to pass to your neighbor as quickly as possible. The action will transfer from the TV screen into the living room as you discover an all-new way to play Wii.

Party Games

Party Games mode features minigames for up to four players! A wide variety of party games allow up to four players, some of which can be computer-controlled, to compete for victory. All the games are simple to grasp, so you can dive straight in and party.

Pair Games

The home of two-player action! There are times when two’s company and three’s a crowd. Enjoy teaming up with another player, competing with them head to head, or checking your compatibility with Friend Connection.

Set Contains

  • Game disc
  • Nintendo Wii
  • Video Game

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I play Wii Party on the Nintendo Wii U?

Yes, you can play Wii Party on your Nintendo Wii U in Wii Mode.

2. How many players can participate in Party Games mode?

Party Games mode allows up to four players to compete for victory.

3. Are the games in Wii Party easy to understand?

Yes, all the games in Wii Party are simple to grasp, making it easy for anyone to join in and have fun.

Experience the ultimate party gaming with Nintendo Wii Party. Enjoy a collection of over 80 minigames in various game modes, perfect for entertaining friends and family. Get ready for hours of fun and excitement!