Psionic Power – A Dungeons & Dragons Supplement

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Psionic Power – A Dungeons & Dragons Supplement

Psionic Power – A Dungeons & Dragons Supplement


Welcome to the world of psionics in the 4th Edition of Dungeons & Dragons! The Psionic Power supplement, written by Robert J. Schwalb, introduces a whole new dimension to the game. With this supplement, players can tap into the power of their minds and unleash incredible abilities.

Unleash Your Mind

Psionic Power allows players to explore the realm of psionics, a form of supernatural power that originates from the mind. With this supplement, characters can develop psionic abilities and use them to enhance their combat prowess, manipulate the environment, and even influence the thoughts of others.

Whether you want to play as a psionic warrior, a telepathic manipulator, or a master of psychic energy, Psionic Power provides a wide range of options to suit your playstyle. Discover new feats, powers, and classes that will take your character to the next level.

Enhance Your Gameplay

Psionic Power not only introduces new options for players, but it also adds depth and variety to the overall gameplay experience. With the inclusion of psionics, combat encounters become more dynamic and strategic. Characters can now utilize their psionic abilities to outmaneuver their opponents and turn the tide of battle.

Furthermore, the supplement provides Dungeon Masters with new tools to challenge their players. Introduce psionic enemies and create unique scenarios that require the clever use of psionic powers. With Psionic Power, the possibilities for storytelling and adventure are expanded.


Psionic Power is a must-have supplement for any Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast. It opens up a whole new world of possibilities and adds an exciting layer of gameplay to the 4th Edition. Unleash the power of your mind and embark on thrilling adventures with the Psionic Power supplement.