Radiused Biltong Slicer with Detachable Magnetic Tray

12 September 2023 Off By parkcityyurts.com

Radiused Biltong Slicer with Detachable Magnetic Tray

Radiused Biltong Slicer with Detachable Magnetic Tray


As Biltong and Jerky enthusiasts, this is the slicer we’ve been dreaming of. Not only is it pleasing on the eye, but it has a smooth, easy cutting action. The blade is sharp and precise, the board is solid, and the catchment tray is magnetic – meaning it’s detachable, making this slicer so very easy to clean. You cut to the thickness you like, through the thickness you like, to the size that you like – whether you are cutting Chinese medicinal herbs, vegetables, Jerky, Biltong or hard cheeses, the choice is yours.

Main Features

  • HIGH QUALITY – Finest quality Stainless steel blade
  • NON SLIP – Premium quality, stylish wooden base fitted with non-slip super-grip pads for safety
  • GIFT IT! Great gift idea for Biltong/Jerky makers and those who want to slice their own biltong/jerky.
  • VERSATILE – Can be used to cut Chinese medicinal herbs
  • CONVENIENCE – Large stainless steel serving tray attaches magnetically and conveniently stores on the underside of the base

Why Choose the Radiused Biltong Slicer?

When it comes to slicing Biltong, Jerky, or even Chinese medicinal herbs, the Radiused Biltong Slicer with Detachable Magnetic Tray is the ultimate tool. Its high-quality stainless steel blade ensures precise and effortless cutting. The stylish wooden base with non-slip pads guarantees safety during use. Additionally, the detachable magnetic tray makes cleaning a breeze, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your favorite snacks.

Perfect Gift for Biltong/Jerky Lovers

If you know someone who loves making Biltong or Jerky, the Radiused Biltong Slicer is the perfect gift. It allows them to slice their own biltong or jerky to their desired thickness and size. With its sleek design and exceptional functionality, this slicer will surely impress any Biltong or Jerky enthusiast.


In conclusion, the Radiused Biltong Slicer with Detachable Magnetic Tray is a must-have tool for any Biltong, Jerky, or Chinese medicinal herb lover. Its high-quality construction, versatile functionality, and easy cleaning make it a top choice. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own this exceptional slicer. Get yours today and elevate your slicing experience!