Rempro 5kg White Damp Proof Paint – Internal & External Liquid DPM

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Rempro 5kg White Damp Proof Paint – Internal & External Liquid DPM

Rempro 5kg White Damp Proof Paint – Internal & External Liquid DPM


DAMP BARRIER PAINT – A highly advanced styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR), liquid applied membrane paint. This water-based compound can be applied to damp concrete floor slabs, screeds, and walls. Suitable for extensions, basements, and cellars. Isolates damp substrates for new floor finishes including carpets and laminated flooring. The membrane dries to form a tough semi-gloss finish.

Used by Professionals

Rempro damp proof paint can be used as a primary waterproofing barrier on new build basements before installing Ultra GEO membrane and land drain, respectively. This quick-drying paint typically dries in 1 hour. In addition, damp proofing paint is non-toxic, non-hazardous, solvent, and plasticizer-free.


A minimum dried coating thickness of 0.6mm is necessary to provide a vapor barrier. For the final dried membrane thickness, a coverage rate of 1.20kg/m² is required (two coats). This corresponds to approximately 1 liter/m². It is recommended that the coats be applied at right angles to each other.


Our damp proof paint can be applied using a brush or roller. The membrane should not be applied in wet conditions or where these conditions are likely to occur before the paint has dried. When not in use, paint should be stored in a sealed container between +5°C and +35°C and protected from frost and direct sunlight.

UK Manufactured

Rempro is a family-owned company specializing in building chemicals for remedial control and prevention. Our products include damp proofing treatments, insecticidal and fungicide control, path patio cleaners, and anti-condensation thermal paints. All our products are designed and made in Britain and used by amateur and professional users.