TEWELL 24in 75Hz Refresh Rate Curved Computer Monitor

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TEWELL 24in 75Hz Refresh Rate Curved Computer Monitor

TEWELL 24in 75Hz Refresh Rate Curved Computer Monitor

Introducing the TEWELL 24in 75Hz Refresh Rate Curved Computer Monitor, the perfect addition to your home or office setup. With its sleek design and impressive features, this monitor is sure to enhance your viewing experience.

Key Features

Full HD 1080P Resolution

The TEWELL monitor boasts a Full HD 1080P resolution, delivering crystal-clear images and vibrant colors. Whether you’re watching movies, playing games, or working on projects, every detail will be displayed with stunning clarity.

75Hz Refresh Rate

Experience smooth and fluid visuals with the 75Hz refresh rate. This monitor ensures that there is minimal motion blur, allowing you to enjoy fast-paced action without any lag or ghosting.

HDMI and VGA Ports

Connect your devices seamlessly with the HDMI and VGA ports. Whether you’re using a laptop, desktop, gaming console, or media player, you can easily hook it up to this monitor and enjoy your content on a larger screen.

Built-in Speakers

No need for external speakers or headphones. The TEWELL monitor comes with built-in speakers, providing you with immersive audio while you watch movies, play games, or listen to music.

VESA Wall Mount Ready

Save desk space and achieve the perfect viewing angle by mounting the TEWELL monitor on the wall. It is VESA wall mount compatible, allowing you to easily install it wherever you prefer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I adjust the curvature of the monitor?

No, the curvature of the TEWELL monitor is fixed and cannot be adjusted. However, the curved design enhances your viewing experience by providing a more immersive and comfortable visual experience.

Does the monitor come with an HDMI cable?

Yes, the TEWELL monitor comes with an HDMI cable included in the package. You can connect your devices right away without the need for any additional cables.

Is the monitor compatible with Mac computers?

Yes, the TEWELL monitor is compatible with Mac computers. Simply connect your Mac to the monitor using the HDMI or VGA port, and you’re good to go.


The TEWELL 24in 75Hz Refresh Rate Curved Computer Monitor is a top-notch display that offers stunning visuals, smooth performance, and convenient connectivity options. Whether you’re a gamer, a movie enthusiast, or a professional, this monitor will elevate your viewing experience to new heights. Upgrade your setup today and enjoy the immersive world of the TEWELL monitor.