TensCare Sports TENS – 55 TENS, EMS and Massage Programmes

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TensCare Sports TENS – 55 TENS, EMS and Massage Programmes

TensCare Sports TENS – 55 TENS, EMS and Massage Programmes

Introduction to the Sports TENS 2

The Sports TENS 2 is a multi-purpose combination unit that offers the latest in electro muscle stimulation and TENS. It has three basic functions, which can be used in combination:

  1. Stimulation of sensory nerves for Pain Relief (TENS).
  2. Stimulation of motor nerves and muscle tissue (EMS) to build and alter muscle function.
  3. A massage effect.

To achieve this, the device has two independent stimulation channels and four self-adhesive electrodes. It offers a choice from a large number of settings designed to increase general wellbeing, alleviate pain, maintain physical fitness, aid relaxation, revitalize muscles, and combat fatigue. You can either select these settings from pre-set programmes or determine them yourself according to your requirements.

Special Features

  • Powerful: Sports TENS is a powerful fitness and performance muscle stimulator for body toning, shaping, beauty, and relaxation. It has TENS settings to relieve pain due to injury and over-training. Gentle massage is provided for relaxation and de-stressing.
  • Multiple Functions: Sports TENS is flexible enough to help with all stages of training and recovery. It has 27 EMS programmes, 10 TENS programmes, 10 massage programmes, and 8 user-defined programmes enabling you to experiment and save your favorite settings – unrivaled performance for a product of this size and price.
  • Memory: Sufficient memory for a 30-day exercise programme comprising of 3 uses a day. The memory records usage time and average intensity used. For training, this enables you to keep an exercise diary, for rehabilitation and pain relief it offers an objective treatment record.


Sports TENS 2 unit with belt clip

CM5050 pack of 4 self-adhesive electrodes

2 x L-ST2 Connecting Lead wire

B-BL6F Li-ion battery type BL-6F

Charging cradle

Power adaptor

Instruction booklet

Transit pouch

How TENS Works

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. TENS stimulates your body’s own natural defenses against pain. It is totally safe and has been used successfully by thousands of pain sufferers.

TENS sends a gentle stimulation through the skin which works in two ways:

  1. Pain Gate: Stimulating the sensory nerves, which carry touch and temperature signals. These nerves go to the same connections in the spine as the nerves carrying pain. A strong sensory signal will block the pain signal traveling up the spine to the brain. This is known as closing the “Pain Gate” and takes effect quite quickly after the unit is switched on. You can use TENS several times a day, for as long as you like.
  2. Endorphin Release: At low frequency settings, and slightly stronger output, TENS drives the motor nerves to produce a small repetitive muscle contraction. This is seen by the brain as exercise, and this promotes the release of Endorphins – your body’s own natural pain killer. The relief builds up and normally takes about 40 minutes to reach a maximum level which can last for hours after the machine is switched off. By using TENS you can expect to achieve a significant reduction in pain.

Side Effects: There are no known side effects to TENS use and long-term TENS use is not harmful.

Positioning the Electrodes for TENS

The TENS effect is confined to the nerves entering a single vertebra in the spine. To be effective, you therefore need to stimulate a sensory nerve entering the spine at the same level as the nerve carrying the pain. For this reason, electrodes are usually first placed where the greatest pain is felt. Nerves follow the curve of the ribs and spiral around the limbs, so you will need to try different positions until you find the best for you. Try moving the electrodes short distances to establish the positions that are most effective for you.

TENS is clinically tested and approved for many applications including:

  • Back pain, and lumbar and cervical spine problems
  • Joint pain (e.g. knee joint, hip joint, shoulder)
  • Neuralgia
  • Headaches
  • Women’s period pains
  • Pain after injuries to the musculoskeletal system
  • Pain with circulatory problems
  • Chronic pain through various causes

EMS: What It Is and How It Works

EMS stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation and is a widespread and generally recognized method that has been used for years in sports and rehabilitation medicine. In the sports and fitness field, one of the uses of EMS is as a supplement to conventional muscle training, in order to increase the efficiency of muscle groups and adapt physical proportions to the desired aesthetic results.

EMS has two main applications. Firstly, a targeted strengthening of musculature can be produced (Activating application) and secondly a relaxing, resting effect can also be achieved (Relaxing application).

EMS successfully rebuilds and tones muscles. Different levels of muscle contraction are achieved by sending electrical impulses of various types, depending on the program selected, into the body. These muscle contractions retrain the muscles, increase their effectiveness, and improve their condition. This is beneficial where muscles – for whatever reason – have not been in regular use and have lost condition (muscle atrophy). For sports, the benefit is to increase the effect of training and enhance performance.

The effect on muscle tone of electrical stimulation (EMS) is generally only noticeable after regularly repeated application. Electrical stimulation does not replace regular exercising of the muscle but is able to reasonably supplement it.

Muscle wastage: EMS is used in the treatment of medical conditions involving muscle wastage including Neuromuscular facilitation, Muscle reeducation, Muscle training, Prevention/slowing of atrophy/hypotrophy, Preventing postoperative muscle weakness, Reduction of spasticity, Maintaining or increasing range of motion, Training of partial peripheral nerve damage with signs of reinnervation, and Treatment of scoliosis.

Relaxing applications include the following:

  • Muscle relaxation in order to loosen up muscular tension
  • Improving muscular fatigue symptoms
  • Accelerating muscle regeneration after high muscular performance (e.g. after a marathon). Through integrated massage technology, the Sports TENS Digital TENS/EMS also offers the possibility of reducing muscular tension and combating fatigue symptoms using a program based on manual massage in terms of sensation and effect.


The Sports TENS contains both TENS and EMS technology that allows for pain relief and muscle strengthening and maintenance. Making it a great device for rehabilitation and general day-to-day use.


Containing 47 pre-set programmes and a further 8 manual programmes, the Sports TENS offers fantastic options and opportunities – you’ll be sure to find a program for your needs. If you need something a bit more tailored made for your needs, the manual programmes offer you the chance to create your own parameters. Giving you a complete rehabilitation and pain relief device.


The powerful memory function can remember the last program that was used and restart in this program. Perfect if you do not want to go through lots of programs to find your favorite. Furthermore, the device remembers your usage history, this is great if you need to consult with a professional and you or they wish to keep an eye on your usages.

Comfortable Stimulation

The device comes with gentle stimulation in 1mA steps. This gives you more control to find a level of stimulation that best suits you, without causing pain.


Your safety and confidence in using the device are paramount. That is why the device comes with an “Open circuit detection” meaning – if the device senses a disconnection between skin and device – it will reset to 0 to avoid any shocks. Also, the device and leads lock in place, meaning it will not fly off while you are working out, giving you confidence to work out to your fullest.