XTOOL OBD2 Scanner Anyscan A30: The Ultimate Wireless Diagnostic Tool

9 September 2023 Off By parkcityyurts.com

XTOOL OBD2 Scanner Anyscan A30: The Ultimate Wireless Diagnostic Tool


The XTOOL Anyscan A30 is a revolutionary wireless diagnostic scan tool designed for professional use in automotive repair and maintenance. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, it is the ultimate tool for diagnosing and fixing car issues. This article will provide an in-depth review of the XTOOL Anyscan A30, highlighting its key features and benefits.

Key Features

1. Bi-Directional Controls

The XTOOL Anyscan A30 is a bi-directional scanner that can perform various bi-directional controls and active tests. It can test components such as EVAP, injectors, cooling fan, fuel pump, A/C clutch, windows, doors, sunroofs, and wipers. This allows users to pinpoint fault locations quickly and efficiently.

2. Full Systems Diagnostic

The scanner can scan all available car modules, including Engine, Transmission, ABS, SRS (airbag), Body, Chassis, Radio, HVAC, etc. It can pull codes (DTCs), clear codes, view live data & graphing, freeze frame, and perform active tests. This comprehensive diagnostic capability ensures that no car issue goes undetected.

3. Maintenance Services

The XTOOL Anyscan A30 can perform most commonly used maintenance services such as Oil Reset, EPB Reset, SAS Calibration, DPF Regeneration, and Throttle Relearn. These services help keep the vehicle in optimal condition and prevent potential problems.

4. Wireless Diagnosis

The XTOOL Anyscan A30 provides fast and stable wireless diagnosis through a Bluetooth connection with smartphones. This allows for high mobility up to 33 feet, giving users the flexibility to move around during the diagnosis process.

5. Wide Vehicle Coverage

The scanner works on more than 85+ American, European, and Asian makes, providing users with a wide range of diagnostic options. Whether you own a domestic or imported vehicle, the XTOOL Anyscan A30 has got you covered.

6. Lifetime Free Updates

The XTOOL Anyscan A30 comes with lifetime free updates at the initial purchase. There are no subscription fees, and users don’t need to pay for every vehicle menu and every reset function. This makes it a truly cost-effective OBD2 diagnostic scanner.

7. 24/7 Tech Support and Warranty

The scanner comes with 24/7 tech support, lifetime free updates, and a 2-year warranty. Users can rest assured that they will receive assistance whenever they need it, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free diagnostic experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the XTOOL Anyscan A30 compatible with all vehicles?

No, the service functions of the scanner are not available for all vehicles. Compatibility with specific vehicles should be checked via email before purchasing the scanner.

2. Can the XTOOL Anyscan A30 be used by DIYers?

Yes, the XTOOL Anyscan A30 is a great option for DIYer auto users. It provides full system diagnosis, bi-directional controls, full OBD2 functions, and 5 most popular services. It is easy to install on phones or tablets, allowing users to run diagnostics anytime, anywhere.

3. Does the XTOOL Anyscan A30 work on iOS and Android devices?

Yes, the XTOOL Anyscan A30 is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. It can be installed on devices with these operating systems, making it a portable and handy diagnostic helper.


The XTOOL Anyscan A30 is an ideal and compact diagnostic scanner for both professional technicians and DIYers. Its advanced features, wide vehicle coverage, and lifetime free updates make it a cost-effective and reliable tool for diagnosing and fixing car issues. With its wireless capabilities and user-friendly interface, the XTOOL Anyscan A30 is a must-have for anyone looking to diagnose their vehicles wirelessly.